Running has become real thing over the years. Many people practice it and even more people get into it. It has many benefits, you don’t to have a lot of training experience or knowledge and you can do it whenever you like. There’s so many things you can learn from running.

A good running technique can help reduce your risk of ache and further damage, and make your runs feel less tiring and more enjoyable. We have a few tips for you that will help you run relaxed and efficiently.

Don't hunch your shoulders

Your shoulders should be back and down. Keep them relaxed and avoid tensing them. Don't hunch over as this restricts breathing, allowing less oxygen to get to the muscles.

Keep your hands relaxed

Your hands should be relaxed, but don't let them flop. Tight hands can cause tension all the way up to the back and shoulders.

Keep your arms at a straight angle

Your arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Try to swing them forward and back, not across your body. The arm movement helps to propel you forward, so you’re just wasting energy if you swing them sideways.

Lean forward while running

Don't bend forward or backward from the waist as this places pressure on the hips. Some experts advise running in an upright position, but Phillips believes using your body weight to lean forward a bit while running can reduce heel strike and help you land on the middle of your foot.

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